Insurance Planning

Insurance is a tool to assist you in managing financial risks, whether you are an individual or a business entity. With proper risk management in place, individuals and their family members can lessen financial consequences of premature deaths, disabilities, or major illnesses.


We offer a complete range of insurance plans to meet your diverse insurance needs.


‐ Income Protection

­‐ Family Protection

­‐ Medical Protection

‐ Children Education Savings

­‐ Retirement Savings

­‐ Mortgage Protection

‐ Business Insurance

­‐ Employee Benefits and Group Insurance Scheme


V100 Consultancy is all about helping you build your own ‘financial bridge’ for life. We have the expertise in meeting all of your insurance needs and providing you with impartial advice on how to manage your risks prudently.

Investment Planning

There are many investment vehicles in the market, ranging from low risks to high risks. Whether you are a young professional who is just starting out or a high net income business executive, you will need to determine your investment goals.


You need to establish if they are short term (less than 5 years) or long term (more than five years) goals. More importantly, you need to determine the suitable investment tools to meet your desired investment returns.


At V100 Consultancy, we have a team of trained professional consultants who will be able to recommend the appropriate investment strategies most suited to your investment portfolio, be it for regular income or high capital growth, medium or long term investment, conservative or aggressive approach.


We will help you identify:


‐ Your investment goals

‐ Your existing investment portfolio

‐ Your risk tolerance

‐ Investment tools best suited to meet your desired investment returns

‐ Your ideal allocation for your investments



Retirement Planning

It is never too early or too late to start planning for your retirement. The most fundamental issues to be addressed here would be – when to retire, how and what must be done to save up enough for a comfortable retirement.


Our team of financial consultants can help you develop appropriate financial strategies to enable you to reach your retirement goals.


We will help you prioritize issues like:


‐ How much do you need in retirement?

‐ How much do you have to set aside annually from now until retirement?

‐ Where do you put your money?

‐ What are the investment strategies appropriate for you?

‐ What are the suitable savings tools to accumulate your retirement nest-­‐egg?



Education Planning

A good education is one of the long-­‐lasting benefits you can give your children. But the costs of raising and financing a child through school, and later university are rising and can range between RM50,000 and RM500,000, or even more.


Your child’s future depends on what you do now, so careful planning and budgeting are essential to ensure that you have adequate savings available when your child goes to university.


V100 Consultancy its team of financial consultants can help you maximize your financial planning and provide an excellent start to your child. We have the expertise to put together suitable education funding programs that will give you financial freedom and help achieve your education planning goals.


We will help you identify key issues like:


‐ How much do you want to save for education funding?

‐ What is your timeframe of savings?

‐ Is your present savings sufficient?

‐ Where do you want to send your children for their tertiary education? Local or

foreign universities?

‐ What are the suitable savings tools to accumulate education funding?

‐ Do education savings qualify for tax deductions?



Estate Planning

Estate planning is a legal and effective method of making arrangements to dispose and manage your estate at death through the use of wills, trusts or other means. It is not just for the wealthy or those who are on the verge of death. With proper estate planning, you can


decide how you want your assets to be owned, managed and preserved during your lifetime and to be disposed when you pass on.


V100 Consultancy and its team of financial consultants are equipped with immense knowledge and experience to help you plan your estate.


We will help you understand the following:


‐ The need for will or trust.

‐ What happens when you are predeceased?

‐ Who do you want your assets to go to when you pass on?

‐ What proportion do you want to give away?

‐ Why the need to create a trust in your will?

‐ What happens when someone dies without a will or trust?

‐ How can you protect your assets from creditors?


Time waits for no person, so don’t be complacent. Discuss your estate planning objectives, concerns and fears with our advisor so that together you can develop a plan, applicable to your unique financial situation and needs, for effectively transferring wealth to your beneficiaries.

Long Term Care / OAD

Long term care includes all the assistance you would need with daily tasks if a chronic illness or disability leave you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time. Most often, long term care is caused by old age disablement.


Statistics show that 1 in 2 of those above the age of 65 would eventually require long term care at some point in their life, therefore planning for long term care using long term care insurance puts you in control and to continue living with dignity.


We will help you plan and understand the following:


‐ How much coverage do I need?

‐ What is the cost of home health care and nursing care?

‐ When should you purchase long term care insurance?

‐ Who will care for me when I can’t care for myself?

‐ What conditions constitutes old age disablement?


“65% say most people need long term care insurance, and 50% say they personally need it. But only 10% say they own it”

Business Insurance

V100 Consultancy and its affiliates offer a range of employee benefit solutions and expertise that can confidently recommend strategic benefit programmes that meet your employees’ diverse needs such as medical insurance, health insurance, accidental insurance and more. V100 Consultancy is committed in providing you the support you need, and recommend employee benefit solutions that can help you strengthen your employee benefit programmes, making you an employer of choice in the job market.

MRTA & MLTA Planning

Found your dream house but the banks are refusing you the loan needed for the purchase? Or are you thinking of how you can protect your dream house for your family? Mortgage insurance planning is as crucial as selecting the right house be it if you are purchasing it as an investment or for your own stay.


Our team of advisors will help you understand the following:


‐ What is the difference between MRTA & MLTA?

‐ Do I really need mortgage insurance?

‐ How long do I need mortgage insurance?

‐ Is mortgage insurance really cheaper than term life?